Payments add-on


The following payment gateways (methods) are available to take deposits from users:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Coinpayments.net
  • Metamask (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon networks supported)

For each gateway the casino administrator can specify the default currency and the reference rate, which will be used to convert fiat or crypto currency into credits (internal casino currency). So for example if a user makes a deposit of 10 USD via PayPal and the reference rate is 100, the amount will be converted to 1,000 credits.

All deposits using the above methods are processed automatically, no manual intevention from the website administrator is required. But if needed the website administrator can create custom deposit methods, which will be handled manually.


The website administrator can set up fully automatic withdrawals using Coinpayments.net gateway. Here is how it works. After a user creates a new withdrawal request the user balance is deducted by the withdrawal amount. The administrator can then approve such request and send it for processing to Coinpayments.net. In this case a transaction to transfer coins from your Coinpayments.net account to the user wallet will be automatically initiated. Upon completion and receiving necessary number of confirmations from the blockchain the withdrawal request will be automatically marked as completed.

Approving a lot of tiny withdrawals might be cumbersome. Luckily the administrator can set a limit (e.g. 100 credits), so all withdrawals where the amount is below that limit will be automatically approved and sent to the API for processing.

The administrator can also make withdrawals in ETH / ERC20 tokens (Ethereum) and BNB / BEP20 tokens (Binance Smart Chain) using Metamask directly from the backend.

Apart from that the casino administrator can create custom withdrawal methods, which are supposed to be handled manually. It's possible to configure custom fields, which users will need to fill when submitting a withdrawal request.

Admin panel features

  • Manage deposits: reject, complete (for manual deposit methods)
  • Manage withdrawals: approve, reject, complete
  • Manage payment gateways: edit reference currency and rate
  • Manage deposit methods: create, edit, enable, disable
  • Manage withdrawal methods: create, edit, enable, disable
  • Set min / max deposit amount
  • Set min / max withdrawal amount
  • Restrict withdrawals: check that certain amount of funds was deposited by the user


To test payments via PayPal create a test Paypal account at sandbox.paypal.com and then use it when making the payment.

To test payments via Stripe use one of these test cards.

To test payments via Coinpayments.net use Litecoin test network or make a transfer of small quantity of any other coin.

To test payments via Metamask use test networks.

Extra service: Installation

If you do not have the time or experience to install the application yourself, you can order an installation service from us. The cost of the service depends on whether you have a control panel (such as cPanel or Plesk) installed on your server or not.