How to purchase

Crypto casino web application

The application package includes the following functionality:

  • White label
  • 6 built-in color schemes
  • Provably fair technology
  • Bonuses and referral program
  • Bots
  • Chat
  • Players leaderboard
  • History of played games
  • User profile pages with extended stats
  • 22 built-in languages (other languages can also be added)
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM) integration
  • Google reCaptcha validation
  • Social login (Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Coinbase, Steem)
  • Two-factor authentication (via Google Authenticator app)
  • User emails verification
  • Built-in installer application (plus 1-click add-ons installation)

Games included:

  • Slots (single game)

Add-on: Multi-slots

This add-on allows to run unlimited number of Slots games with different settings.

Add-on: Dice

This add-on implements Dice game.

Add-on: Lucky Wheel

This add-on implements Lucky Wheel / Wheel of Fortune game.

Add-on: Blackjack

This add-on implements Blackjack game.

Add-on: Baccarat

This add-on implements Baccarat game.

Add-on: Video Poker

This add-on implements Video Poker (Jacks or Better) game.

Add-on: American Roulette

This add-on implements American Roulette game.

Add-on: European Roulette

This add-on implements European Roulette game.

Add-on: 75 Ball Bingo

This add-on implements 75 Ball (American) Bingo game.

Add-on: Keno

This add-on implements Keno game.

Add-on: Raffle

This add-on allows to run raffles (lotteries) for all users.

Add-on: Payments

This add-on enables deposits and withdrawals processing via gateway.


When a new deposit is initiated the app provides a user with a unique address to send the funds to. This address belongs to your account, so when the user completes the deposit your wallet in the given cryptocurrency is credited. The user is not aware that transactions are processed by gateway, because the unique deposit address is generated through the API without transferring the user to an external website.


By default, an administrator is supposed to manually approve all user withdrawals. However there is an option to auto approve withdrawals, which amount is less than or equal to a certain value. Upon withdrawal approval (either manual or automatic) a new transaction is created through the API to transfer funds from your wallet to a user wallet. Apart from that there is an option to complete the deposit without initiating an automatic transaction through the API - you can manually transfer the funds and then mark the given withdrawal request as processed.

Admin panel features
  • View all deposits
  • View, edit, approve and reject withdrawals
  • View coins balances (of a linked account)
  • Ability to set min / max deposit amount, min / max withdrawal amount, min total deposit amount a user needs to add before withdrawals are allowed, max amount of withdrawals, which should be auto approved

Extra service: Installation

You can order installation of the purchased application on your server. Please note that the server should be already pre-configured and satisfy the application system requirements.